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Death of Video Games

I'm kinda doing this just for fun. And because the way games are turning has made me think more and more on what has slowly killed certain video games series...

Resident Evil: (Capcom) I don't think I'll get much argument out of this, but I think once the live-action movies got made, they kinda ruined the Resident Evil name.

Devil May Cry: (Capcom) Although Devil May Cry 2 flopped, and Devil May Cry 4 was pretty much a huge joke (especially when it came to the cutscenes >.>) I think that this new DmC game that Capcom handed over the Ninja Theory might just ruin Devil May Cry. I could go on a huge rant about this new game, but I think if Capcom didn't want to work on Devil May Cry anymore they should have just given the game back to Kamiya. I mean it WAS his game to begin with.

Final Fantasy: (Square Soft/Enix) Even though it pains me to admit it, since I follow everything that has to do about Final Fantasy and I shove it down my friends throats (lol), I can admit, Final Fantasy has taken a huge step backwards from what the games use to be. There's a lot to be argued about what is killing the series, but I feel that once Enix bought out Soft that's when everything started to go downhill. Sure, Enix is selling games (and I must admit I absolutely love XII) but I can't help but feel that when I go back and play the Final Fantasy's during Soft's days, the games Enix has put out don't reach the glory the older games have.

Tomb Raider: (Eidos/Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix) It's almost known that the Angel of Darkness practically killed the series for good, until Crystal Dynamics picked up the pieces. The first game they put out, Legend, I thought was great. After that though, it seems that Tomb Raider took another downward fall. I've loved Tomb Raider ever since the first game, so seeing that they are completely rebooting the series, and from what I've seen it looks like the game might have another fighting chance.

If you have an argument to my decisions or you want to add in what you think, please be my guest. I just did this to amuse myself.

Multi-platform is the death of games...

Pretty much what the subject line says it what I feel nowadays, when I hear about a game going multi-platform.

I recently read in the new issue in Game Informer that Final Fantasy Versus XIII would probably make it's way to the Xbox 360, and the only thing I could think was "Fuck".

I mean I would think Square Enix would have learned from what happened with it's predecessor, Final Fantasy XIII. Square Enix had to cut so much shit out of the game, just so it wouldn't overload the Xbox 360's hard-drive.

But who am I kidding?...From what I've seen it looks like the only thing game companies are interested in now is making money, and not making a quality game.

Though on a semi-happier, and unrelated note, the wait for The 3rd Birthday is going to kill me at the rate it seems to be coming out!

(Disclaimer: I'm not trying to upset anyone with this, I'm just writing what I've been seeing with the game trends, and I do agree there are a few game companies left out there who are doing the multi-platform trade right.)

It is a sad, sad day....

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Writer's Block: You're my best friend

Who was your best childhood friend, and where are they now?

Her name was Teagan and we lived right down the street from each other. When I moved farther away, we eventually lost touch, which is kind of sad since we thought we would be friends until death... She's still around, going to college to be a Registered Nurse. I have looked on her Facebook and it's almost like she's turned around from what she use to be. She's still a good student, but now she's a total party girl (it seems like)...Does that make me a stalker? (Lol.)
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Anna Tsuchiya

Writer's Block: Casting couch

If your life was made into a movie, who would you want to play the leading role? What about the other major characters in your life?

I like this question, so I'm answering one of these "writer blocks' for once.

I'd want Anna Tsuchiya to play me. We don't look alike, but I love her acting, & the way she acts reminds me of myself, I'd be honored if she were to play me in a movie.
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Congrats Myv and Melody!!

I know some of my friends might not have a clue what I'm talking about but...

JRock star Miyavi and his wife ex-JPop star Melody, just had their first child on July 29, 2009 at 4:40pm!! Poor Melody had to be in labor for 20 hours! Ouch! They had a beautiful baby girl who weighs 3110 grams (according to an online converter it said it's about 7.29 pounds). No name or picture had been reveled yet. I've been following this since Myv said they were at the hospital! Lol *Dork*
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My thought on the Final Fantasys

I know I'm going to be kicking myself in the ass with this post (stay away rabid fanboys!), but I'm an avid fan of the FF series, and decided I would kind of rate them. I've been meaning to make this post for a while.

One thing you won't see in this is "The graphic in FF *insert older FF* suck!" Of course they do. In the 90's Enix didn't have the technology to make the games as beautiful as the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga is looking.

Final Fantasy I:  PSP VERSION What a pain in the ass game! I'm still working on it right now. No one can do anything for themselves can they? "Find my daughter!" "Find my crown!" Get off your ass and do it yourself! And where the hell is my mini map?! I'm lost without it. And I hate that you have to take a blind guess what to do after you complete one quest (and that you have to go back and forth between the dungeon and other places...What a pain in the ass...) Though it's fun to see what the series started from (it wasn't suppose to make it so far, it was just a game Square Soft-at the time) threw out there, not expecting such a huge reaction), and to see where the Crystal series and Tactics started from. Other than some annoyances it's a fun game...7/10.

Final Fantasy II: I have yet to play it. I plan to buy it soon for the PSP, that's if I can find it. It's becoming impossible to find -.-

Final Fantasy III: Unless I find the original Japanese version I'm not gonna be playing it anytime soon, unless my friend who owns it for the DS lets me borrow it.

Final Fantasy IV:  PSX VERSION *Head Desk* That's what this game is. I swear all the old FF's are meant to be impossibly hard. It's an interesting and fun game, but hard as hell! I'm still working on it.  I'm STILL stuck on the part where I have to get the crystals back from Golbez. I keep getting pwned by the boss.  Until it gives me another reason to give it a higher score right now it gets a 5/10.

Final Fantasy V: PSX VERSION A game that doesn't have that strong of a storyline, but is incredibly fun. It's one of those when I'm bored I work on it. I borrowed from a friend yet again.  I'm still not that far but I'm having fun with it...7/10

Final Fantasy VI: I could make a huge long ass post about this game, but I'll keep it short. This is the best FF ever made. C'mon Enix, where's the remake?! I did not want to finish this game, it was too much fun. Great characters, great storyline, what isn't there to like?  This game deserves a 10/10.

Final Fantasy VII: PSX VERSION This is the most overrated game in history! Yes, it helped change the way for the future of video game history (especially for RPG's), but other than the good graphics and some good characters it's not the best game. I mean how many emo characters do we need in one game?! To every fanboy out there...the Buster Sword wasn't originally Cloud's! *Head-desk* You don't know how many times I read that -.-. And it's AERITH not AERIS!!! Enix has confirmed it! Use the right spelling, please! I get such a headache reading Aeris.I liked the Materia system, but all the character devolepments weren't all that strong, not everyone has to be an emo. That's the reason, I think, the sane fans see its many flaws. I'll definitly be intrested to see how the remake gets done with well Cid Highwind's constant swearing. Now "SIT DOWN AND DRINK YOUR GODDAMNED TEA!!" 6/10.

Final Fantasy VIII: PSX VERSION Another emo main character...but it all gets balanced out by the supporting characters. This is another game I really enjoyed, though of course it has a few flaws. I wasn't thrilled with the Drawing system, it's hard to grasp at first, but it becomes quite easy to use after you learn how to use it, I still don't like it though. And then I didn't like that you didn't find out who the main evil character was until the end; but I just fell in love with Ultimaicia's character! She's someone I've been wanting to cosplay as ever since I saw her! When it comes to story it kind of falls flat but there's still twists and turns and good looking guys that keeps you playing. 8/10 (No pun intended.)

Final Fantasy IX: PSX VERSION I really didn't like this game. The big thing I couldn't get past was that the main character, Zidane, looked like a 9-year old and was a pervert. It didn't work and annoyed me quickly. Normally, I can get past little annoyances  but I couldn't with this one I didn't get past the first disk. Unless Dissidia gives me another reason to finish this game. I'll probably never finish it. 1/10.

Final Fantasy X: PS2 VERSON This was fun game. Tidus was annoying as hell, and overall it was pretty easy. The Monster Arena was a bitch but once you had all the magics and ablilities you needed it was easy. The only really hard parts were the Mt. Gagazet  Seymour fight and the Jecht Aeon fight. I don't know why people think this game was so great. It's a fun game to play when your bored but that's about it. 7/10

Final Fantasy XI: Never played this game. Once I thought about trying it but I could never bring myself to do so, pretty much because I'm not into MMORPGs and that's the main thing that turned me off about it. It was too hard to tell if the story was going to be good or not. If anyone who has played this has good reasons to play this game I'm willing to listen and possibly pick it up for the Ps2 at Game Stop.

Final Fantasy XII: PS2 VERSION This is one of the main games that got me into FF. I originally saw my friend playing FFVII and I saw Advent Children, and I was hearing good things about XII, before it came out so it was the first game I pre-ordered this game. Since then I've been a fan of this series.  The only problems I had with this game is that it's long as hell (I'm still working on the side quest like beating Yiazmat), that your battle damage can't go over 9999 (a bitch when fighting Yiazmat), and the main character, Vaan. All the other characters have stronger story that him! Enix really should've kept Basch as the main character (yes, he was originally suppose to be the main character, if you don't believe me have fun finding the article, it's old and deeply hidden in a million other articles). I really like this game even though it has Star Wars similarities (not that's anything wrong with Star Wars). Enix could've been a bit more creative but other than that it's a great game, better than X, in my opinion. 8/10.

Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus: PS2 VERSION A fun game if you're interested in finding out more about the emo who slept in a casket for 20-plus years, Vincent Valentine, or if you're a fan of the VII saga. I thought it was a fun game even though it got horrible reviews. That's why I don't really listen to reviews, I may read them but even if it says a game is horrible, for example this one. It's not a true shooter like Enix tried to make it's more action-shooter, but it showed that Asian video game companies had the ability to make a decent shooter game. This game is hard to describe unless you've played it. It's got some frustrating controls and it proves yet again Shinra can't do shit right. 6/10.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Not a game but a pretty good movie, if you don't look at it as part of the VII saga or part of the Final Fantasy series. This movie got me into the FF series, but if you look at it part of the series you'll probably pick it apart screen by screen. I've seen this movie over 100 times if that proves how much I enjoyed this movie. Only complaints? Where the hell is Cid's attitude that everyone loves?! 8/10.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core: PSP VERSION So much better that the original VII. A stronger story, stronger characters, strong battle system. There's very little things not to like. If you're still mad at Sephiroth for killing Aerith after all these years, this will make you feel bad for him, at least it did for me. It made him seem almost...human. Genesis was pure eye candy *drool* of course he was designed after JRock star Gackt, *mega drool*, too bad Gackt didn't to his US voice, like he did the Japanese *drool* Even if you've played VII, and you know what happens, you might not be prepared. I bawled like a baby, I was unable to listen to the song at the end (Why by Ayaka) for months. I get teary eyed even now, after beating it 5 times. Oh and the days of random battles, and they attack-you attack are finally gone! Ah the battle system is heaven! 9/10.

Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions PSP VERSION I heard the Tactics games were hard but I never thought they would be as hard as it is! I'm not even an hour into the game probably and I'm already stuck! I'm stuck at the fight where you first have to fight the two Black Mages, the Knight who is looking for the one army guy who got captured, and the millions of archers. I keep getting slaughtered -.-. Time to grind I guess. Even though this game is hard as hell, I really like it. The battle system reminds me of the Valkyrie Profile Lenneth battle system so I kind of know what I'm doing, and I just fell in love with the art the first time I saw it! The art is still the main reason I haven't given up on this game. And the story isn't too bad either, I'm really curious to see why one of the good guys is "evil" or whatever now. 7/10

Once I play the other games I'll probably make a new post or edit this one if I can (I haven't totally figured out this site, haha). I know I'll definitely be making a post once I play Dissidia.

Another warning to fanboys...bitch me out all you want but I'll just ignore you, so there's no point in even commenting, kay? Kay.


Little Game/Entries

Kurodateshi kind of started this little game, and it sounded intresting so I though I would particapate. If you would like to play just leave a comment saying "Interview Me" and I'll give you 5 questions that you post in an entry. Kay?

1. What about Versailles appeals to you and do you have a favorite member?

The first thing that drew me to Versailles was how they dressed, they were just so beatiful and it was so memorizing! I orignally saw Teru in a magazine, so I looked them up and listened to their music, and fell in love with it.

I love all the members but my all time favorite member is Hizaki. I sometimes forget he's a he! Haha. He looks so beatiful, just like a chick.

2. If Versailles was in a video game, what would the game be about? (genre? plot? etc)

A game about Versailles? Probaly something like how many countries/fans they can conquer as fans. Or something like making the most gorgeous outfit for the members.

3. Why would it be surprising for you to like the sex pistols (been peeking at your journal XD)

The reason people find it surprising that I'm a pretty big fan of the Sex Pistols is that I wasn't around when they were popular.. They were popular in the 70-early 80's and I was born in 1989. And I'm JUST finding out about them when the living memebers are in their 40's-50's and one member is unfortantly dead. *Shrugs* They may not be popular anymore but I love them.

4. What's your dressing like on a typical day?

On a typical day, when I don't have any plans to go out or anything, I'm just usually dressed in a pair or black or dark blue jeans, and some sort of t-shirt, or summer-style shirt. Though even if I'm not going out I try to incorparate some Harajuku-style clothing or accessory to my outfit. And I usually keep my short cut hair down, not messed up or spiked.

When I do go out somewhere (even if it's to the store), my outfit is a mix of Harajuku/Decora (excluding all the pink, some pink just not blinding).  When I do go out my hair is usually spiked/messed up, unless it's really hot or raining out; since though my hair cement holds my hair, thankfully (when I take a shower) it comes out easily, and if I'm sweating or it's raining the cement is going to run down my forehead--not fun, haha.

5. A zombie apocalypse has broken out! What do you think are the chances of you surviving it and why?

The always fun question, lol. Right at this very moment if zombies invaded, I wouldn't make it, since I'm only trained in using knifes and some martial arts (which I taught myself). When I actually buy some guns, I think I'll have a pretty good chance of living. Until then it would be like a real life Shaun of the Dead, haha.

When it comes to me posting or responding, unless I can respond quickly through email, I can't make too many entries on my main computer since it doesn't keep me signed in when I'm on another computer or on the family laptop I'll only really  be able to quickly make entries. I'll try and be on as much as possible but I can't promise anything.